Calle de la verguenza

El Cotillo roads – Street of Shame

We’ve been in El Cotillo few times in the past and we always love to come back thanks to the white sand on the beach in the contrast with the black rocks. Quite windy? Always! Really nice part of the island? Definitely!

Anyway, I was always wandering what is the strange (and very well done) roads with the cut-off lamp posts between the north of El Cotillo and the Tostón Lighthouse (Faro de Tostón).

It took a while but I managed to get the answers from a friend of a friend.

The Street of Shame (Calle de la verguenza)


What happened was many years ago (around year 2000), a particular Local Mayor who quite liked the idea of `brown envelopes` unveiled his master plan to turn El Cotillo into massive tourist resort building 6 mega hotels with over 600 beds.

Apparently his brother was supplying the lights and the main contractor in all of this was his cousin. They was trying to build this without proper legalization and right in the middle of protected nature park. They ignored everything and everyone.

The locals were up in arms and fought them every step of the way, but not before they managed to put the roads and street lights in place. Anyway, one night the locals went out armed with tools and chopped quite a lot of the street lights down and left. The “death” lampposts  can still be seen today, lying at the side of the road.

This was the last drop and the mayor realised his loss and gave up. The roads to nowhere are to stay for now and ironically remind everyone that Fuerteventura was that time an “Island without law – corruption only” (Isla sin ley – solo corrupcion).

Isla sin ley solo corupcion - (Lawless Island - Corruption only)

That’s one Fuerteventura’s mystery solved, much more to go! Have a wonderful holiday and don’t forget to visit El Cotillo to enjoy the white sand (or great waves for surfing) and check out the strange roads.


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