Irishman killed in hit-and-run near Puerto del Rosario

Jim Campbell was killed when he was hit by two cars, one of which failed to stop, as he walked along a road (between the Airport and Puerto del Rosario) in the dark on Wednesday night.

The 40-year-old landed at Fuerteventura Airport, which is also known as El Matorral Airport, earlier on Wednesday and had been drinking for several hours leading up to the incident.

The accident occurred at 23.40 hours on Wednesday (17th. Feb 2016) as reported by the Emergency Operations and Security Center 112 of the Canary Islands.

He was about 500 yards from the Fuerteventura airport, walking on the road towards the capital, Puerto del Rosario, which is some three miles to the north, when he was hit by a car. That’s a dual carriage way with cars driving 90 Km per Hour.

The driver immediately went back and called emergency services, but by then Mr Campbell had been run over by a second car, which failed to stop.

He died at the scene shortly before midnight. Medical personnel of the Emergency Department Canario at the scene could only confirm the death of the hit person, a man of British nationality.

The second vehicle was found by police just over an hour later parked in the nearby capital, thanks to details given by other drivers.

Police said the driver, a 50-year-old local man, gave himself up to police at around 2am on Thursday and was “shown later to be under the influence of hashish”. He has not been named.

A senior officer from the paramilitary Civil Guard said yesterday: “This was an accident waiting to happen. The victim had been drinking in the airport for several hours after landing.”

“He then set out on his own for Puerto del Rosario. Mr. Jim Campbell was walking on the road, not on the side, with his back to the traffic in the night and wearing dark clothing.”

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