Corralejo Dunes

La Oliva beaches

La Oliva is the municipality which hosts the most numerous beaches on the entire island. Also, nudism is practised here on a large scale. Corralejo is the most popular resort in La Oliva, a feature yielded both by its beach and shopping opportunities, as well as by its status of main nightlife hotspot of Fuerteventura. Back to most popular beaches in municipality La Oliva.

Alzada – Nudist beach, windy, moderate waves, sandy, undeveloped. Alzada beach is about 800 meters long by an average of 30 meters wide, depending on the tides. It is situated in a windy area, with a moderate swell and has fine golden sand. The surrounding area is undeveloped and, therefore, it is a nudist beach.

Beatriz – Nudist beach, windy, calm waves, sandy and pebbly stretch, undeveloped.

Playa Chica – Strongly windy, calm waves, sandy, incipiently developed (restaurants and sleeping venues).

Corralejo beach – Windy, calm waves, finely sandy, spectacularly developed (lifeguards and police, restaurants and sleeping venues, accessible by bus, commercial zone, and lounge chairs).

El Aljibe de la Cueva – Nudist beach, windy, choppy waves, sandy and additional rough granulation yielded by the small lava stones (picon), undeveloped; it is the largest beach in the region and it is excellent for surfing and the like.

El Bajo Negro – Nudist beach, windy, mild waters, sandy, reasonably developed (restaurants, sleeping venues, lounge chairs, showers, accessible by bus); it is located in the Nature Park of Las Dunas de Corralejo.

El Caseron – Nudist beach, mild winds, calm waves, sandy, reasonably developed (lounge chairs, sleeping venues, restaurants, accessible by bus).

El Castillo – Nudist beach, highly windy, strong currents, sandy, undeveloped; excellent conditions for surfing and windsurfing.

El Moro – Nudist beach, windy, strong currents, sandy, undeveloped (yet accessible by bus); located in the Nature Park of Las Dunas de Corralejo.

El Viejo – Nudist beach, mild winds and waves, sandy, reasonably developed (accessible by bus, parking, restaurants, sleeping venues); it is one of the largest stretches of sand in the region.

Punta Blanca – Nudist beach, windy, mild waves, sandy and small lava stones, undeveloped; one of the smallest beaches in the region.

Larga – Windy, mild waves, sandy, incipiently developed (parking).

Los Charcos (I, II and III) – Nudist beaches, windy, mild waves, sandy and granulated by small lava stones, undeveloped (parking in Los Charcos I).

Medano – Nudist beach, windy, moderate waves, sandy, incipiently developed (lounge chairs, accessible by bus, boat rental operator); located in the Nature Park of Las Dunas de Corralejo.

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