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Sunbathing on one of the many great beaches, as well as indulging in the  shopping or sports opportunities, not to mention island hopping, all these turn the days spent on Fuerteventura into what might easily be called a dream vacation.

However, in order to delineate the perfect holiday, you must pay attention to what nightlife is about in Fuerteventura. The island has a wealth of venues dedicated to night activities, but the best nightlife hotspots in Fuerteventrua are the resorts of Corralejo, Caleta de Fuste and Morro Jable. These three resorts come to life at night. Here you’ll find everything from piano, dance or cocktail bars to lively discos that throb until breakfast time. All of the resorts around the island do have their fair share of clubs and bars, however these can be pretty quiet especially if your holiday is in low-season. That’s the reason why we recomend the three biggest nightlife resorts – Caleta, Corralejo and Morro Jable.

Corralejo is the most generous scene of intense night-time buzz, with so many bars and restaurants to keep you busy in the manner specific to your profile. Live music, late snacks, plenty of drinking, all these are possible in Corralejo. Centro Comercial Atlantico (Avenida del General Franco) is the main nightlife hotspot, but there are plenty of other open-air bars and restaurants to entertain tourists at night time. You should definitely check the Rock Island Bar, as well as Rosie O’Grady’s for their specific atmosphere.

Caleta de Fuste falls nothing short of a nightlife hotspot. However, you can easily notice the relaxed and rather serene dash of the nightlife scene in Caleta de Fuste, when compared, for instance, with Corralejo. The main commercial and shopping centres are the ones around which most of the nightlife venues of this resort gravitate. A reasonably lively resort with decent nocturnal buzz no one can seriously complain of.

Morro Jable is extremely popular with German tourists. Sometimes, this feature is mirrored by the specificity of nightlife venues, though these are as miscellaneous as to suits all tastes, regardless of nationality. The Centro Comercial de Jandia and the Plazoleta de Cirilo Lopez are the main hotspots in terms of nighttime leisure.

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