Morro Jable

At the south of the island lies the major resort of Morro Jable. From its beginnings as a small fishing village, Morro Jable is now a major holiday venue extremely popular among German holidaymakers.

Thousands of tourists a year are attracted by its miles of golden beaches, a clear blue sea plus its array of shops, bars and restaurants mostly spread out along the main road.

The resort is 60 miles from the airport. It was once only reached by a rough road but in 1982, a new main road was built. Even so, it remained very twisty towards the latter part of the journey – as names like “The Bend with a Bad Name” bear witness to. However, all that changed late 2006 with the opening of a new expressway between Pecenescal and Bayvelo which, making use of long elevated stretches between mountains, shaves around 20 minutes off the journey.

Some of the beaches here are among the most beautiful in the Canary Islands. Water sports enthusiasts are well catered for with everything from windsurfing to jet skiing. Despite the influx of tourism, the old village still retains its charm and there is a quaint harbour in the west where you can watch local fishermen go about their daily business. The jet foil for Gran Canaria also leaves from Morro Jable. The town very much caters for the German market – most menus are in German and even road signs.

Morro Jable Market

Market in Morro Jable is held every Monday and Thursday 09.00 – 14.00. Next to Cosmo Centre – Avendia del Saladar, opposite Robinson Club in Jandia.

How to get to Morro Jable

If you are driving down there, don’t be confused by the fact that Morro Jable also goes under the name of Jandia. Only a few buses a day take the coastal route via the airport and Caleta de Fuste down to Morro Jable – the route 10 from Puerto del Rosario. Buses taking the inland route from Puerto del Rosario (the number 1) leave at regular intervals.

You can also take a taxi but be prepared to pay something over 100 euro.

The beach at Morro Jable is part of a stretch of natural white sandy beaches while the beach stretching north of the lighthouse is used more by naturists, that to the south is used more by those who prefer to keep some clothes on. On the beach to the south of the lighthouse you can charter a yacht for sailing and there are plans to build a new marina.

Morro Jable gets its name from the original French invaders, Jable being a corruption of the word sand in French, sable.

Acua Water Park

This is an updated information about the water-park in Corralejo, previously known as Baku Park. Baku Park wasn’t just a water park, there used to be many things to do but this part of Baku Park has been closed and the park is renamed to Acua Water Park. There is people talking about reopening the rest of the park but it still doesn’t looks like it’s going to happen in the near future. We’ll keep you up to date once/if they reopen the rest of Baku Park.

Acua Water Park is also commonly known as Corralejo water park. This is the only water park in Fuerteventura and you should definitely go there at least once. The park is not too big nor small with 4 big slides, 4 smaller slides, the wave pool that is on only on certain times and much much more. There is plenty of fun to fill one day for the whole family. If you don’t have the whole day, try to pop in after 2PM to get a reduced ticket for the afternoon. Let’s talk prices.

Acua Water Park prices

The food and drinks is quite good quality and everything is well priced considering they could charge a much more being inside the water park with no competition.

Talking about prices, you’ll be able to rent your own inflatable ring for about 5 Euro (plus 5 Euro refundable deposit) or have to wait for a free one. Sometimes the queues are almost to the bottom of the slides, sometimes (especially afternoon) you don’t have to queue at all.

Another cost to consider is the locker. Each will cost 4.50 Euro but they are big enough to use only one for the whole family.

Fancy a WiFi connection in the water park? It will cost you another 2 Euro. Shame to pay for something you usually have free at the hotel pool or in most of the restaurants in Fuerteventura.

Entrance cost:

  • Adult ticket: 25 € (20 € after 2PM)
  • Child*: 19 € (14 € after 2PM)
  • Ticket for couple of days: 38 € per adult and 29 € per child*
  • One week ticket: 85 € per adult and 60 € per child*
  • Children under 3 years: Free
  • Disabled person 5 €

*Note: Child is considered up to age of 11 years.

Pricing is the only downside of the Acua water park and that’s the reason why we have a secret tip for you. If you’re not happy to pay those entry prices, pay attention and try to get some free scratch cards with brochures in the airport from ladies giving them free to newcomers to the island as part of advertising. Usually you can “score” buy one get one free or half price for the second person.

There’s also a free bus from Caleta de Fuste, Jandia and Costa Calma if you’re not staying in Corralejo. And free parking next to the entrance if you’re coming with your car.

Free bus service to Acua Water Park

  • CALETA DE FUSTE – Mon, Tue & Fri



09:38 CALETA DORADA – (stop by the entrance, not the reception).


  • CORRALEJO – Mon, Tue & Fri
    10:25 BUS STOP DIANA



  • ESQUINZO – Fridays ONLY08:55 MAGIC LIFE08:10 BUS STOP JANDÍA PRINCES – Taxi Rank Rotonda.08:15 AMBAR BEACH


  • COSTA CALMA – Fridays ONLY




    08:45 RIO CALMA

All buses are leaving the Acua Water Park back to your hotel at 5PM, make sure you’re there on time.

For reservations of bus send e-mail to or call 0034 928 537034 before 6PM the previous day.

Opening hours:

March, April and May:

Monday, Tuesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday 10.30 am – 5.30 pm

June, July and August: Every day 10 am – 6 pm

September, October and November:

Monday, Tuesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday 10.30 am – 5.30 pm

The park is closing down in December and reopening in March again.

The first day in 2016 – 18. March and the last day of 2016 – 11. December.

Acua Water Park Market

The excitement of visiting Acua Water Park is furthermore enhanced by the hosting of the so-called Mercadillo de Corralejo, twice a week, in the immediate proximity of Acua Water Park, a market of no little importance for the shopping picture of Corralejo. The entrance is about 100 yards (90 meters) past Acua Water Park going to the town.

The market is held every Monday and Friday between 09:00 and 14:00.

A really good range of stalls with many people selling wood carvings, paintings, hand made jewelery and replica bags and belts, T-shirts, cup hats, etc. If you love haggling as much as I do you simply can’t ignore this market.


Name: Acua Water Park

Address: Avda. Nuestra Señora del Carmen, 41, Corralejo, 35660, La Oliva

Telephone: 0034 928 537 034

Fax: 0034 928 537 807



Latitude: 28° 43′ 34.5801″N
Longitude: 13° 52′ 17.6507″W

Fuerteventura Baku Park on the map


The bottom line is Acua Water Park is an ideal place where you can spend high quality time in the company of your family and friends, experiencing at the same time, the amazing magic of Fuerteventura.

Last tip: Go on the top of the highest slide and take a look around. You’ll be able to see massive part of the island, almost the whole Corralejo and even mountains of the neighbor island – Lanzarote.


Daily updated fuel prices – cheapest Unleaded Petrol

Fuel prices in Fuerteventura vary quite a lot. You’ll find cheapest prices in the middle of the island (Puerto del Rosario, Caleta de Fuste) and the most expensive in the North (Corralejo) or south (Morro Jable). For example you’ll pay for one litre of unleaded petrol between – depending on where you’ll grab the petrol nozzle in your hand.

The cheapest price for Unleaded Petrol (Gasolina 95) is . You’ll be able to get the fuel for this price from petrol station located at – if you don’t know where it is, scroll down to geolocation to get the exact coordinates for your SatNav, please.

Opening hours

This petrol station is open