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  1. Sorry Luca to disappoint, in December, January & February the BAKU (Acua Water Park Corralejo) is completely closed and reopening every year in March.

      1. The water park in Corralejo is opening the gates March 18th @ 10:30 AM, this year (2016). The last day of 2016 will be November 8th, closing the water park down the last time at 5:30 PM. Hope that helps.

    1. Hi Mark. What I can remember, there is at least one heated pool. I also believe they would heat a bit the water they use in all pools, especially in March and April. The water is always warmer if you compare is to the ocean and most of the tourists (including myself) don’t mind the temperature of the water to be a bit lover, we would swim in the ocean even if it’s freezing cold, lol.

  2. Hi there,
    Is the Aqua waterpark the same as Baku waterpark or are they 2 separate parks. When I looked on the map it shows 2 places.

  3. We are staying in Jandia in August, is there a bus or excursions available and how long would it take by bus to the Aqua Park ?


  4. Hi Babs,

    The best way would be excursions because you’ll get a Free bus with the aqua park ticket.
    If you prefer adventure, try local bus 🙂 No10 (also No1) to Rosario and No6 from Rosario to Corralejo.
    Or get a car hire for a day. It is easy to drive around the whole island.
    Fourth option would be a cab but that will cost a small fortune!
    If you’ll go with option one don’t forget that you can go in and out of the water park to see Corralejo too.

    We’re going to this water park every time we are in Fuerteventura and I personally love it. But there are mixed reviews and some people mention it’s not worth going from Jandia. The reason could be because it’s a quite of journey or you have a lovely Oasis Park in La Lajita to entertain the kids much closer.

    Whatever you decide I hope you’ll have a lovely holiday!

  5. Hi, are you able to pay entry to waterpark but if you need to leave and come back. I was thinking of getting a weekly ticket as well.

    1. Yes PT1971, you are able to leave and come back as many times as you want – you’ll get a band that will allow you to come back.
      And talking about coming back, let me tell you this is great place to come in the summer. It can get a bit busy in peak season but that’s to be expected. I would advise coming early so you have a good choice of places to locate your self on a sun bed. To have maximum view points for younger children that you can watch on slides etc. This place is very good for young and old, it has wave machines (only a few times in the whole day), slides both large and small, multi lanes for racing and a great lazy (really lazy) river.
      The park is little expensive but you’ll get free sun beds (paid in most water parks we’ve ever been), the food is pretty cheap and tasty and the whole park is well kept and clean inside.

        1. Hi sorry I forgot to ask if we have one weekly adult ticket is there any restriction on what adult can use it to enter park ? I don’t normally go on the slides but supervise but can I use the ticket the one day instead of my hubby who does go on the slides for the purposes of supervising. Thanks

          1. I’m not sure but I don’t think it’s going to be an issue. They simply let one adult in, they don’t care if it’s the same person as yesterday or morning.

        2. I’m afraid you can’t buy the tickets online. You’ll have to buy tickets once you’re on the island. At the gate or from many excursion shops.

          Note: If you are staying anywhere else than Corralejo, get the tickets from the excursion kiosk or ask at reception as you can get free transfer too.
          Last time we went we had free shuttle bus from Caleta de Fuste, leaving between 10 and 11AM.
          Also check with your holiday rep if you have one as it could be a bit cheaper and then you just go to the gate and not queue.

          Prices on the gate:
          Adult (aged 12 – 60) 25 euros/
          Junior (aged 4-11) or Senior (60+) – 19 euros.
          Little ones (0-3) free.

          If your not early bird or just don’t want to spend the whole day in the park anyway, get to the gate at 2PM and you’ll pay 5 euros/person less:
          Admission price From 2 pm:

          20 € Adults (aged +12)
          14 € Children (aged 4 to 11)
          Babies aged 0-3 FREE

  6. Hi. I will be staying in caleta de fuste from the 3/09/2016. Just wondered what time the free bus pick up time is for the Monday 5/09/16

  7. Hi I am looking to the water park in October between the 11th and the 17th will it be open or it is closed for reconstruction

  8. What time does the free bus leave caleta to the water park on 7.10.16. and where from. we are staying at the bottom of chipmunk hill thanks

    1. As I mentioned above, the coach is leaving about 10am from Barcelo, not sure about other stops but it’s not that long walk from where you’re staying.

  9. We enjoyed a wonderful fun packed day with our grandchildren aged 6 & 7. Each water feature was better than the one before. The food was also good although we queued for quite a while. No queues at the water slides as they are very well coordinated by the life-guards / supervisors. Very friendly staff and good value for money.

  10. We went there last week and it was so much fun, especially for our two boys (9 & 11 yo). I’m sure we’ll go again once back in Fuerteventura.

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