Corralejo Dunes


Corralejo is, by far, one of the most popular resorts on the island and the first tourist area of Fuerteventura with views to Los Lobos and over 20km2 of sand dunes and beaches. It is located in north Fuerteventura, and it pertains to the municipality of La Oliva, only about 40 kilometres from FUE Airport. Taking a cab (taxi) to Corralejo from the airport would cost about 50 Euro, holiday transfer about 20 Euro and local bus service (with change in Puerto del Rosario) less than five Euro* (see note to get more info).

*Note: You’ll need to take the first bus number 3 to Puerto del Rosario. Once you reach the last stop, have look for the number 6 bus to Corralejo. It’s the same terminus. This is the cheapest way to get to Corralejo from the airport.

While deciding where precisely to stay in Fuerteventura, whether trying to spot or to avoid the buzz so characteristic of an ebullient nightlife, you should take into account Corralejo is the undisputed nightlife hotspot of Fuerteventura, with all that is implied in a reputation of this kind.

Furthermore, Corralejo is the liveliest place in La Oliva in terms of shopping, with the impressive El Campanario Shopping Centre which clusters around it most of the nightlife venues. Another highlight of the shopping life in Corralejo refers to the Mercadillo de Corralejo. In fact, you wont be able to avoid markets and shops once you are in Corralejo. There is plenty to see and to do in Corralejo, with a market and shopping near to the harbour area, the town centre is jammed with cafes, bars and local restaurants. You really will be spoilt for choice, with fish direct from the fishermen or fresh fruits and salads from local growers – tomato heaven.

But beaches can never be left out of the definition of a perfect holiday. The beach pertaining to Corralejo is, without overstating, the most developed stretch of sand in the entire municipality, as in anthropogenic comforts and facilities. Despite the fact the Corralejo beach is not necessarily dedicated to nudism**, nudists may rest assured: La Oliva is literally replete with nudist beaches, which means the surroundings of Corralejo are highly likely to be just as generous in this respect.

**Note: If nude sunbathing in a drystone wind shelter, should you want privacy place a towel across the entrance.

Corralejo Dunes

Along the northern coast of Fuerteventura, golden sand dunes contrast against a mountainous backdrop, drenched in year-round sun. Underwater volcanic eruptions and quakes have created a unique and dramatic landscape, just 60 miles from Africa’s coastline. The massive sand dunes of Corralejo and La Oliva play host to speed surfing championships as the water is just so perfect. If you looking for some adventure, the 15 km of beaches with a surf board or kite surfing might be your thing – there are instructor schools available for beginners. Or you could just take advantage of one on the best beaches in the Atlantic coast and just simply lay back relax and experience the magic of Fuerteventura. The Nature Park of Las Dunas de Corralejo is the one nature attraction in this resort which in no case should be overlooked. It is home to yet other several beaches always worth exploring both due to their inner assets and for their privileged location. You’ve got to keep in mind that it’s a lot of sand, with a plenty of sand and a lot more sand, then there is the ocean and then a lot more sand again. So if you like sand as I do, this is the place to go. Birdwatchers might find it exciting the park has been declared a Special Protected Zone for Wild Birds.

The presence of Baku Park in Corralejo is also a reason why a huge number of tourists choose this resort over its counterparts in Fuerteventura. Baku Park is one of the few (two, actually) theme parks in Fuerteventura, and it is always a source of specific tourist opportunities.

Corralejo is also the place where the famed International Kite Festival is held each year, which always works, as far as tourists are concerned, as a further incentive for visiting or staying in Corralejo.

Corralejo is nothing like a destination for passive holidays, since the place is replete with all-tempting opportunities of island hopping or sports activities. Indeed, Corralejo is home to one of the few ports in Fuerteventura from where boats operated by Naviera Armas, Fred Olsen Express and Catlanza head for Lanzarote and Los Lobos. Just take a day trip to Lanzarote. The ferry between Corralejo and Playa Blanca takes under half an hour and is like a mini cruise itself.

At the same time, the resort is still good as base for exploring*** the island of Fuerteventura with over 20 car, bike and motorbike rental companies. And, of course, what could a holiday in Fuerteventura be without water and out of water sports? Corralejo is ideal for practising tennis and diving, surfing, windsurfing and fishing, sailing and ski jet alike.

***Note: The perfect base for exploring the whole island is Caleta de Fuste. Much more central and closer to everywhere. Just keep this in mind if you’re planning to make some trips, especially to the south every other day.

Luxury holiday in Corralejo

Corralejo could not live up to its reputation if it did not offer to its visitors the possibility of splurging. Indeed, the 5-star Gran Hotel Atlantis Bahia Real gives visitors with no financial worries the opportunity of a luxury dream holiday.

The old town of Corralejo

The original town of Corralejo is centred around the old harbour which was used by local fishermen and fishing from the harbour wall is still popular. There is a small sheltered beach that provides safe bathing called La Clavellina. This beach is popular among shoppers and workers as quick sunbathing spot but for serious sunbathing sessions, most tourists prefer the other beaches.

Corralejo Marina

The marina in Corralejo is used by pleasure craft and by the ferry services to Lanzarote and Lobos, a small island a 15 minute ferry ride away. There are various trips that run from the harbour to the island and others for dolphin trips and glass bottomed boats. Bookings for these can be made at one of the many booths around the marine. The ferry services ply between Fuerteventura and Lanzarote and leave every 30 minutes.


Last but not least, like any other respectable resort, Corralejo could not lack the all-useful tourist information offices. In fact, there are two places of this kind in Corralejo, and you can always rely on their services with personal always happy to help. Corralejo is simply one of the best places in Fuerteventura you could possibly stay with or without family with plenty of fun and things to do.


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4 thoughts on “Corralejo”

  1. I am looking at booking a holiday to Corralejo to Oasis Village either the 23rd March or 2nd April. There is a very large price rise in April so I was wondering if it was worth taking my boys out of school for two days and coming on the 23rd March. Do you know what the difference in temperature would be walking about and in the evening? How about pool temperatures? Will everything be open if it is Easter holy week? Thank you for your assistance.

    1. There is no difference between end of March and beginning of April. The weather here in Fuerteventura is often very changeable during the day in the early spring months. So don’t be too put off if you wake up to clouds – by lunchtime it will be probably sunny. You will definitely meet a mix of people sweltering under sweaters and macs, and those coming out of their hotels in bikinis. You will also see lots of people swimming in the sea or pools.
      I always encourage everyone to bring several light layers of clothing in the winter/spring time. Suntan lotion alone will do on most of the beaches, but a light jumper is useful even in the summer as even 20°C can seem awfully cold after a day soaking up a little too much sun. On a windy March/April evening, you might feel more comfy in a fleece than just a thin T-shirt.
      And yes, everything (shops, bars, restaurants, travel agents, car hire, etc.) will be open as usually.
      Enjoy your stay in Corralejo!

  2. Hi,
    Myself and my family are visiting this year in late October for a week, can I ask what the weather will be like and whether we will need to pack a few extra jumpers for evenings? Also do many families head out to Corralejo at this time; so will it be busy?

    Thank you!

    1. Weather in October is often like the best summer you could imagine in Britain; hot and sunny with almost perfect temperatures in the mid to upper 20s Celsius . The sun is up around 8am and darkness falls around 8pm. Temperatures at night start to get a bit cooler (20 degrees) as the month progresses but even then a light jumper or jacket may prove to be too hot.
      The sea is at its warmest in October (over 20C) being the coldest in March and April (with approx. 18C) because it had the chance to warm up all summer. Pack your bikini and sun cream!
      October is the start of the “sun hungry” visitors increase and you can see 30% increase of the tourists, compare to September. It will be busy but not as busy as in July/August and definitely not as busy as other Canary Islands.

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