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  1. I am looking at booking a holiday to Corralejo to Oasis Village either the 23rd March or 2nd April. There is a very large price rise in April so I was wondering if it was worth taking my boys out of school for two days and coming on the 23rd March. Do you know what the difference in temperature would be walking about and in the evening? How about pool temperatures? Will everything be open if it is Easter holy week? Thank you for your assistance.

    1. There is no difference between end of March and beginning of April. The weather here in Fuerteventura is often very changeable during the day in the early spring months. So don’t be too put off if you wake up to clouds – by lunchtime it will be probably sunny. You will definitely meet a mix of people sweltering under sweaters and macs, and those coming out of their hotels in bikinis. You will also see lots of people swimming in the sea or pools.
      I always encourage everyone to bring several light layers of clothing in the winter/spring time. Suntan lotion alone will do on most of the beaches, but a light jumper is useful even in the summer as even 20°C can seem awfully cold after a day soaking up a little too much sun. On a windy March/April evening, you might feel more comfy in a fleece than just a thin T-shirt.
      And yes, everything (shops, bars, restaurants, travel agents, car hire, etc.) will be open as usually.
      Enjoy your stay in Corralejo!

  2. Hi,
    Myself and my family are visiting this year in late October for a week, can I ask what the weather will be like and whether we will need to pack a few extra jumpers for evenings? Also do many families head out to Corralejo at this time; so will it be busy?

    Thank you!

    1. Weather in October is often like the best summer you could imagine in Britain; hot and sunny with almost perfect temperatures in the mid to upper 20s Celsius . The sun is up around 8am and darkness falls around 8pm. Temperatures at night start to get a bit cooler (20 degrees) as the month progresses but even then a light jumper or jacket may prove to be too hot.
      The sea is at its warmest in October (over 20C) being the coldest in March and April (with approx. 18C) because it had the chance to warm up all summer. Pack your bikini and sun cream!
      October is the start of the “sun hungry” visitors increase and you can see 30% increase of the tourists, compare to September. It will be busy but not as busy as in July/August and definitely not as busy as other Canary Islands.

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