Rebuilding Frasquita - the oldest restaurant in Caleta de Fuste

The reconstruction of Frasquita Restaurant began yesterday

The Mayor of Antigua (Juan José Cazorla) and Councilman Works and Services visited yesterday morning the beginning of the rebuilding of the popular Caleta’s restaurant – Frasquita. Antigua City Council meets with the agreement signed with the property of Frasquita Restaurant, initiating the reconstruction of what was the first eating establishment in Caleta de Fuste, more than 30 years ago.

City Council of Antigua is actually who finances these works agreed with the owner of the restaurant Frasquita, rebuilding the establishment a few meters back to back open in the next six months.

The owner of Frasquita is not suffering any financial loss since the City of Antigua guarantees the payment of the amount of the monthly lease while running the reconstruction.

The reconstruction project respects square meters, distribution dining room, bar, kitchen and terrace and submit the original settlement demolished last December, in order to free up space for the construction of the promenade and to continue the process regeneration of the Playa del Castillo, one of the requirements from the Department of Coasts in Madrid.

Councilman Works and Services, Matthias F. Peña, also noted during the visit that Caleta de Fuste is starring in the biggest investment in improvements and modernization projects tour has had for more than five years.

The reconstruction of Restaurante la Frasquita confirms that the tourist resort of Caleta de Fuste, said the councilman, transforms looking to the future but never forgetting its past and its origins, as it is this pioneering establishment in the town before Caleta was one of the biggest tourist establishments of Fuerteventura.

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