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Daily updated fuel prices – cheapest Unleaded Petrol

Fuel prices in Fuerteventura vary quite a lot. You’ll find cheapest prices in the middle of the island (Puerto del Rosario, Caleta de Fuste) and the most expensive in the North (Corralejo) or south (Morro Jable). For example you’ll pay for one litre of unleaded petrol between – depending on where you’ll grab the petrol nozzle in your hand.

The cheapest price for Unleaded Petrol (Gasolina 95) is . You’ll be able to get the fuel for this price from petrol station located at – if you don’t know where it is, scroll down to geolocation to get the exact coordinates for your SatNav, please.

Opening hours

This petrol station is open


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2 thoughts on “Daily updated fuel prices – cheapest Unleaded Petrol”

  1. Thanks for the prices. I personally always get a full tank from the petrol station next to Ikea south of airport, once you are out of Matorral. It’s probably the second cheapest petrol station on the whole island and never had a problem with queues. Will try to find the one in Puerto del Rosario next time we’re on Fuerteventura.

    1. Richard, try the pertol station opposite the Atlantico in Caleta de Fuste. It’s always on the cheap side and you have McDonald next to it; win-win 🙂

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